Alexis Lodge
Changing the experience of living with Alzheimer's Disease since 1999

Alexis Lodge Retirement Home in Toronto

Alexis Lodge is not a nursing home, it is a community.

We are located in a house in the community where we provide our residents with care and support. Alexis Lodge offers a non-medical program of familiar activities tailored to the individual. The staff members are non-uniformed support workers who are familiar with each resident’s history and personality.

The resident is included in the daily routines of the home as much as possible. For example, a resident who finds food preparation enjoyable and familiar, will be encouraged to participate in the kitchen, under safe supervision. There is quite a bit of flexibility in our daily schedule. If a resident needs to sleep a little longer in the morning, there will still be a fresh, piping hot breakfast waiting for them when they get up.

The activation focus of Alexis Lodge keeps the resident engaged. It immerses the resident in the familiar.

Safety and security are major concerns.

Although Alexis Lodge is a non-medical home and not an institution, we never forget that our residents are cognitively impaired. Every reasonable precaution is taken to make Alexis Lodge as safe as possible.

If my loved one isn’t physically ill, why can’t I find him/her a home-like place to live?
You can!

Alexis Lodge is based on a non-medical model. It’s a home-like setting with home-like furnishings. Alexis Lodge is not an institution, and does not have the atmosphere of an institution. The residents can decorate their bedrooms with familiar furnishings, pictures and favourite mementos. We always remember that Alexis Lodge is the residents’ home and a place where our residents are loved and treated with dignity. Home is also a place to be shared with family and friends through special dinners, outings, or just everyday visitors.

My loved one doesn’t speak English. Will this be a problem?
No it will not.

There are several residents of Alexis Lodge whose native language is not English. However, the spoken work is not the only way to communicate. Patient, loving encouragement can convey a message quite clearly. Our talented staff members come from a variety of backgrounds, and are fluent in several languages.